Sunday, 10 February 2008

Severn Barrage

This message was received from a local geologist.
"We are trying to alert local geologists to the possible problems which a Severn Barrage might create for us.
Natural England is raising this issue but I think we need to present a united front at some stage, as the biologists seem to have done already.
A lot of the coastline in the Avon area is covered by geological SSSI and RIGS designations and my main worry is the likely reduction of erosion of cliff sections and flooding of low water exposures. A major concern is that coastal sections are the most useful sites in the area for educational fieldwork, and I would hope we can prevent anything which reduced their value. I have personally taken some 500 groups to Aust Cliff and about 100 each to Portishead and Sand Point/Middle Hope, and really appreciate their special place!"

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