Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Tedbury Camp - latest information

This is to let you know that a new website describing Tedbury Camp, near Frome, is now available. Over the last couple of years this wonderful locality has attracted the documentation it deserves and there are now three major complementary sources of information available for the area.
The new website -
'Tedbury Camp - a geological gem in the Mendip Hills', has been compiled by Dr. Martin Whiteley on behalf of the Earth Science Teachers' Association (ESTA). It is aimed at A Level students, undergraduates and researchers, and includes lots of illustrative material and a detailed map of the quarry. It forms part of the ESTA website.
The two other sources of information are:-
- the UKRIGS Earth Science On-Site education project which is designed to encourage non-specialist science teachers to undertake Earth science fieldwork with pupils from primary to GCSE level,
- British Geological Survey (2008) publication - walkers' guide to the geology and landscape of eastern Mendip. This can be obtained from the BGS at Keyworth, Nottingham for £12 and comprises a 68-page book and a map at 1:25000 scale. Additional information can be found on the BGS website.
In the future, we hope to improve the steep access path to Tedbury Camp, clear some of the overgrown faces and produce a geotrail leaflet that describes this and several other localities in the Mells valley. It will be aimed at casual visitors who may be interested to learn a little more about the rich heritage of this area.

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