Saturday, 22 August 2009

October trip to Fife and Lothian

Sunday 4th - Wednesday 7th October:
Over One Hundred Volcanic Vents: Fife and Lothian, Scotland
Leader: Dr. Nick Chidlaw
Four-days, entirely in the field - We shall examine the plethora of Carboniferous / Early Permian rocks in both coastal and inland exposures. We shall view the vents at Elie, St. Andrews, the Lomond Hills, North Berwick, and Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh; pillow lavas will be seen at Kinghorn on the Fife coast.
Tuition fee £80.00.
Further details - click here
To contact Nick, click email
If you are interested in this trip, please let Nick know by Saturday 29th August. If the trip reaches viability by this date, further enrolments are welcome afterwards, up to one week before the trip is due to run.

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