Saturday, 15 October 2011

Evolution of Jaws - 26th October

Wednesday 26 October 7:30 - What can engineering and physics tell us about the evolution of Jaws? - Dr. Emily Rayfield, Bristol University organised by the Geology section of Bristol NATs.
Dr. Rayfield is Senior Lecturer in palaeobiology.  Her research focuses on how skeletal mechanics influences morphological evolution and the relationship between form and function in hard tissues - primarily, but not exclusively, the vertebrate skull.
She is interested in how Finite Element Analysis can inform on functional behaviour in individual taxa and elucidate functional ecology and morphological changes across evolutionary transitions such as the origin of birds and mammals.
The talk takes place in S H Reynolds lecture theatre, Wills Memorial Building, University of Bristol.

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Jeanette, Australia said...

These messages are getting through the ether to far-off Australia.
You may have heard that the tenth swimmer along the West Australian coast in only a few years was taken last week by another Great White. They frequent
the cold Antarctic Current flowing northward along the West Australian
coast. It's a pity no one has told the swimmers about the pattern of ocean
currents, and no doubt the reason why Jaws was frequenting the Californian