Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Bluestones of Stonehenge

In February of this year, Dr Bevins from the National Museum of Wales gave a WEGA lecture on the 'Provenance of the Bluestones of Stonehenge'. In the talk Richard described how, by using petrographic and geochemical analysis, he had pinpointed the most likely source of some of the bluestones as being at Pont Saeson on the edge of the Preseli Mountains. This work has now been published, and a report headed 'Bluestones glacier Theory frozen out' appeared in The Times on Saturday 17 December.
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Richard Gosnell said...

Which ever mothod of transport took the bluestones from Preseli to Stonehange, I expect a few fell by the wayside. I wonder if sea-bed radar would pick up any stones which fell off the rafts, or even a whole group of stones where a raft capsized. If they were taken across the Somerset Levels (if still an arm of the sea at the time) it would be easier to survey for them. Regards, Richard