Wednesday, 24 April 2013

May 2nd and May 4th - Ocean floor & Geology of the Coal Measures

May 2nd - Bath Geological Society
7.30 p.m. BRLSI, 16 Queen Square, Bath
'Seeing beneath the waves - mapping the ocean floor'
Dr. Philippe Blondel, Deputy Director, Centre for Space, Atmospheric & Oceanic Science Department of Physics, University of Bath
Oceans make up most of the Earth and can only be mapped using sound. The last decades have seen tremendous improvements in both our knowledge of the “Blue Planet” and in our capabilities to explore it. Based on the speaker’s own research, this talk will present the latest sensors and their main discoveries around the world, in particular at mid-ocean ridges, tsunami-generating areas offshore Spain and Portugal and fragile marine habitats such as deep-sea coral reefs and Arctic fjords.
Everyone is welcome - visitors £4 - free refreshments.

May 4th - West Country Geology field trips
Geology of the Coal Measures and associated extractive industries of Coal, Pennant Sandstone and Iron-ore in the Coalpit Heath Basin
Trevor Thompson
We shall be looking at the relics of coal mining in the area and then proceed to Huckford Quarry (disused) where Pennant Sandstone is exposed
Meet at 2.00p.m. "The Garden Shop"(ST669802) where the A432 Bristol to Chipping Sodbury Road goes under the Railway at Coalpit Heath (south side). We will meet in a marquee in the site where Trevor Thompson will give a short presentation on the industrial archaeology and geology of the area. Coffee will be provided but there will be a fee of £3 per head for this and the use of the facilities. We expect to finish at about 4.30p.m. Hard hats are not necessary - members own choice.
Contact Bristol NATs - Geology section or 07743125206 on the day

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