Thursday, 18 July 2013

Ancestor's Trail - August 24th and 26th

Ancestor's Trail
24th - 26th August
Wills Memorial Building, Bristol 
This year we are celebrating the life of Alfred Russel Wallace (on the 100th anniversary of his death) and, especially considering his bio-geographical insights.
Lectures, including one by Richard Dawkins

Walk along the Quantock Hills where we 'walk the Tree of Life' in what has been described as a 'biological pilgrimage'.

Background on the Trail: Inspired by Richard Dawkins' book 'the Ancestor's Tale', we drape the Tree of Life over the Quantock Hills so that its various branches line up with the hills' many footpaths. On the day, the tips of these branches are populated by various groups of walkers, who, with a little pre-planned choreography, are guided, such that our ever-increasing band of pilgrims arrive together at a rocky beach representing our shared origins 3.8 billion years ago. 130 people took part in our last event and, along the way, we were treated to words of wisdom, poetry, art and music. The concept has been described as a 'biological pilgrimage' and raises money for biodiversity organisations. This year's charity cause is support for a life-sized statue of Alfred Russel Wallace to be placed at London's Natural History Museum.
Full details on the website.