Wednesday, 8 January 2014

January 14th - WEGA and WRGS lectures

Tuesday January 14th
Three graduate students presentations:
Chris Rogers - The taphonomy and sedimentology of the Jehol biota
Marit Van Zalinge - Unravelling the ignimbrites of the Oxaya formation,
North Chile

Pete Spooner - Deep-water corals: improving the tool kit for unravelling
past oceanographic change

7.30 Wills Building, University of Bristol - all welcome

Tuesday 14th January -
The Origin, Evolution, and Future of a Mud Volcano Disaster in Java
by David Shilston
On 29 May 2006, a new mud volcano erupted adjacent to an exploratory gas well in the Porong District of Java. Colloquially called LUSI (Lumpur Sidoarjo), the mud volcano is unlike naturally occurring mud volcanoes, as it has until recently maintained continuous and high mud flow-rates at high temperatures. Although there is much debate amongst geoscientists about the cause of the mud volcano, it is the social and economic impact that is of greatest importance to the many thousands of people made homeless and to the economy of the area.
David Shilston’s talk will describe LUSI, its evolution, its impact and what can be said about its future development.
6.30 Wills Building, University of Bristol - all welcome

Please note: Arrangements will be made for people to attend all lectures

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