Thursday, 15 May 2014

May 20th Rifting in Africa - Seismological views from Afar

Rifting in Africa - Seismological views from Afar
Professor Mike Kendall, University of Bristol

The Western Regional Group is pleased to invite you to an evening presentation on rifting in Africa. 
The rifting of continents and eventual formation of ocean basins is a fundamental component of plate tectonics, yet the mechanism for break-up is poorly understood. Rifting of the continents leading to plate rupture occurs by a combination of mechanical deformation and magma intrusion, but the available driving forces have been estimated to be as much as an order of magnitude smaller than those required to rupture thick continental lithosphere. The East Africa Rift system (EARS) is an ideal place to study this; it captures the initiation of a rift in the south through to incipient oceanic spreading in north-eastern Ethiopia - Afar.
S.H. Reynolds Lecture Theatre (Room G25), Department of Earth Sciences, University of Bristol - 6.30 p.m. Everyone welcome

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