Sunday, 7 June 2015

9th June - 24th July - Geology and Landscape of Gloucestershire and surroundings

Geology and Landscape of Gloucestershire and surroundings
A weekly field-based introductory course.
No previous knowledge of geology is assumed
Tuesday evenings 9th June to 21st July 2015
Gloucestershire is one of the most geologically diverse counties in Britain.
The aim of this field-based course is to take you towards an understanding of local scenery.  We will look at the components, the highly diverse rocks and their structure; and processes, weathering, slope forming and erosion which have combined to produce this equally varied landscape, the materials from which the scenery has been sculpted and the processes that have acted upon them since the area emerged from the sea 65 million years ago (about the same time that the dinosaurs became extinct).
No special equipment is necessary, apart from stout footwear and possibly waterproofs - although we will hopefully have six balmy  summer evenings! Meetings are held on Tuesdays each week, meeting at 7.00 pm, finishing at 9.00 pm or later (whenever the party feels in need of refreshment !!) at the following meeting points (see over)
Cost: £50 for 7 week course or £9 per session
For further details telephone Dave Green on 01594 860858 or email.

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