Friday, 15 December 2017

First Alert - GeoWeek

GeoWeek - Active Geoscience Week

The following has been forwarded to me by Stephen Hannath. This is the sort of thing we should be interested in doing!

Dear Geoscience Colleague,

 Thank you so much for voting in our recent survey for the best week next year to undertake a nationwide geoscience outreach initiative, and the best name for the initiative. You were one of the 137 people who took part in the survey.

 The most popular name by far, with more than a third of the votes was 'GeoWeek'. Two dates were neck and neck, but as one was in the May half term holiday, we went for the other, which is Saturday 5th May to Sun 13th May, 2018.

 Following discussions at the Earth Science Teachers 'Association Council meeting, we have chosen the strapline, 'Active geoscience week'.

 As you know, our initiative seeks to introduce as many members of the public to geoscience as possible, mainly through outdoor activities such as urban, rural or coastal fieldwork. So, we hope you or your group will set up a field visit during the nine-day 'week'. Different strategies you might consider include:

  • planning a 'normal' geoscience fieldtrip locally
  • planning a 'normal' geoscience fieldtrip locally - but also making some of the sites into Earthcache sites, for others to enjoy later
  • stationing people at a number of sites of geoscience interest in the area, and giving members of the public a map and a 'passport' to help them to find, and find out about, as many of the sites as possible
  • your own innovative strategy
  • Whatever you decide, please let us know, to help us to monitor and research the activity around the country. With your help, we may be able to emulate the Spanish Geolodays initiative that takes 10,000 members of the public on fieldwork on one day each year!

 Please note:
  •          GeoWeek does not carry any funding.
  •          Please ensure that your activity is insured, either by your institutional insurance or through the Geologists’ Association insurance scheme.
  •          If your fieldtrip is to a distant site, you or your organisation will have to cover transportation costs.
  •          Please use the GeoWeek logo in your publicity, and publicise your event(s) as widely as possible.
  •          We see 2018 as a pilot year, and hope our learning through this pilot year will boost the initiative in the years ahead.
  •          Please circulate this information, through the attached document, as widely as possible.

 With thanks and best wishes,

 Chris King and John Stevenson, the Earth Science Education Forum (

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