Saturday, 17 November 2018

Another landslide and its aftermath

Dealing with a Landslide

One of my favourite blogs - The Landslide Blog - has three posts about a major landslide on the Jinsha River on the borders of Tibet and Sichuan. The slide blocked the river and a huge lake formed. See HERE.

The landslide

The lake formed

Bolo flooded

Then huge efforts were made to breach the landslide - it looks as if a lot of material was removed. HERE is the blog about that.

A view from upstream of the Jinsha River landslide showing the lowering of the landslide and the cutting of a breach.

But repairing something like this causes damage. You can read about this HERE. Bridges were destroyed downstream.

Before and after photos of a bridge downstream destroyed by the water released by the breaching. It would have been rather worse if the landslide had been allowed to wash away and the flood to come unexpectedly.

This video shows the power of the water running through the landslide.

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