Saturday, 12 January 2019

Geological Sites of the Bristol Region

Geological Sites of the Bristol Region

Since then I have received some correspondence giving mixed reviews of the book. Generally there is approval of the geological descriptions and explanations but universal condemnation of the maps. 

The location maps are virtually useless - try finding Pen Park Hole with this map - I tried and eventually resorted to Google Maps to find it.

The geological maps are worse. Have a look at this one -

Anyone care to give a geological explanation of the area? The legend for these "maps" is on the back flap of the dust jacket.

If there is a second edition of this book, and I hope there is, the maps need to be replaced if the book is to be regarded seriously. 

I have been told that there are mistakes and omissions in other parts of the text. My knowledge of Bristol geology is superficial so I would be grateful if persons with greater expertise would pass on to me their comments so that the next edition can be improved.

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