Saturday, 5 October 2019

Deep Thoughts on Plate Tectonics

Deep Thoughts on Plate Tectonics

THIS ARTICLE gives a very nice summary on current thinking on plate tectonics. In particular it looks at what happens to subducted slabs. There is a wide variety in their fates and this helps explain things such as "Why did the Andes and Tibet wait tens of millions of years after their plates began to converge before they grew tall? And why did the Sea of Japan and the Aegean Sea form rapidly, but only after plates had been plunging under them for tens of millions of years?"

I must admit I did not know that these were questions! But they were for some people and the author thinks that they have been answered. There is a lot in the article and it needs to be read carefully.

I am left with the phrase "Mantle Wind" in my mind.

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