Saturday, 11 April 2020

Oxford Geoheritage Virtual Conference

Oxford Geoheritage Virtual Conference

I know a lot of you are interested in our geoheritage in one form or another. Because of COVID-19 many conferences on the subject have been cancelled or postponed. So, of course, the answer is to have a virtual conference. This has many disadvantages - you cannot have face to face conversation or travel to exotic locations - but at least the conference can take place and you do not need to get out of bed! (or your preferred place for being online.)

You can read all about one being organised by Oxford Museum of Natural History HERE. If you want to submit a paper the abstract has to be in by 29th April. If you want to attend (virtually) you have to register by 18th May. And the conference starts on 25th May.

This sounds very good for the person with a casual interest - no cost for travel, accommodation, food etc.

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