Saturday, 22 January 2022

The Ultimate Geological Podcast

The Ultimate Geological Podcast 

A correspondent forwarded me an email from the maker of the Geology Bites podcast series - Oliver Strimpel. As I needed a podcast for a trip to the gym I had a look and was impressed by the people he was talking to. I listened to a few - Oman ophiolites, snowball earth, trilobites and was very impressed - the speakers certainly know what they are talking about. And Oliver Strimpel knows which questions to ask.

But I had the impression that they would love to show you a diagram or a cross section to really ram their discoveries home. So when I got home I went to and found that all you could want was there. 

This was especially true of Mike Searle on Ophiolite. Now I want to go to Oman and see for myself!

You can get the podcasts from the web page or from any podcast app.

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