Wednesday 27 September 2023

Mammals Doomed - in 250 Million Years

 Mammals Doomed - in 250 Million Years

THIS ARTICLE, based on THIS ACADEMIC PAPER, suggests that in 250 million years a new supercontinent - Pangea Ultima - will form and as a consequence of this CO₂
in the atmosphere will rise. The resulting temperature rise will be sufficient to make mammalian life impossible. There might be hope for burrowing nocturnal rodents living near the poles. (The diagrams indicate that the UK might be a good place if you are a burrowing nocturnal rodent.)

The authors (the main one is Bristol based) provide lots of data and discussion, particularly about why CO₂ should rise. Read it for yourself and see if you agree.

Whether there will be humans around in 250 million years to observe mammalian doom is doubtful. I think we will be long gone by then, seen off by evolution or our stupidity. But, being human, we live to speculate.

The habitable Earth in 250 million years - maybe.

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