Wednesday, 19 January 2011

29th January - Fossil Hunting

Fossil hunting trip - Stonelands Quarry & Whitehill Quarry, near Burford.
Saturday 29th January, 10.00 - 13.30
Field trip to be led by Lesley Dunlop of the Oxfordshire Geology Trust
The Middle Jurassic Forest Marble is being worked at Stonelands Quarry. It is fossiliferous & contains plenty of corals & bivalves. The Whitehill Quarry is currently dormant. Here the White Limestone is exposed with some Forest Marble at the top. We have found numerous, small bivalves & gastropods at this site.
This trip is open to adults & children (aged 8 & over). There is no charge but pre-booking is essential. Please contact Oxford Geology Trust Meeting place & directions will be confirmed on booking.
As it’s likely to be muddy & cold we will need to wear warm clothes, hard hats (provided) and sturdy footwear.

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