Saturday, 8 January 2011

Field trip - Highland Border, Scotland, April/May 2011

Field evidence for a Terrane Boundary:
The Highland Border, Scotland
led by Dr. Nicholas Chidlaw
Proposed dates 29th April to 8th May (involving only four working days)
Cost: £165 per person plus accommodation and travel expenses.
Click here for full details of this trip.
Click here to contact the leader.
If the proposal looks of interest to you, and you can attend, please contact Nick as soon as you can in order for him to gauge viability and begin looking into arrangements for accommodation as soon as possible.
The proposal should provide all necessary information, but if you have any queries, do let Nick know.
The focus of this field trip is a particularly intriguing subject, which continues to generate controversy over detail, although in essence is accepted. Our aim would be to consider the field evidence.

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