Monday, 20 February 2017

Somerset Geology Revived

The Somerset Geology Group

I recently received the following from Garry Dawson which, I am sure, will be of interest to many of you!

There is also an offer for unpaid internships to do the work - see at the end of this entry.


The Somerset Geology Group (SGG) is one of the natural history groups that operate in partnership with Somerset Wildlife Trust (SWT) and the Somerset Environment Records Centre (SERC). The Group was originally formed in 1984 to advise SWT and others on geological matters relating to planning and development. It has recently been re-formed and its role remains principally concerned with the conservation and promotion of Somerset’s geodiversity.

The newly reformed group has initially decided to focus on a review of Somerset’s Regionally Important Geological Sites (RIGS), which are now referred to as Local Geological Sites (LGS). In December 2016 we heard the good news that the Curry Fund of the Geologist’s Association have agreed to grant aid to support the sites review. This will enable us to start the review of Somerset’s LGS very soon with a view to completing the work within 2 years. 

Across Somerset 233 geological sites were identified as RIGS in the 1980s and 1990s. Following updated guidance from Defra on local sites (published in 2006) and several recent initiatives across the country encouraging awareness of geo-diversity at a landscape scale there is a need to review Somerset’s LGSs. The Curry Fund grant will allow us to ensure that we keep up the good work of earlier years by completing the LGS review. This will be done by geologists using LGS criteria & assessment forms (based on collated best practice from across the country) to carry out desk and site based assessments.

All members of SGG are volunteers. The Group normally meets twice each year; an e-Newsletter follows each meeting and is distributed widely. We are keen to involve as many geologists with an interest in Somerset as possible and to ensure that we have access to expertise across the geological sciences. There is no subscription or constitution. 
To become involved or find out more about SGG, please email Garry Dawson on     

Opportunities for Undergraduate and Post-Graduate Geological Internships

The Somerset Geology Group (SGG), in partnership with the Somerset Environmental Records Centre (SERC), is undertaking a project to review Somerset’s Local Geology Sites (LGS). These were formerly designated as Regionally Important Geology Sites (RIGS). 

To complete the site research and fieldwork for this review, SERC are seeking applications from geology undergraduates and post-graduates.  The interns will work on voluntary basis but training, travelling expenses and other support will be provided. We are looking for individuals able to commit a minimum of 3 months of their time to the project which is planned to run for two years. The main base of SERC is within the Somerset Wildlife Trust HQ in Taunton but interns may be required to work throughout Somerset. The project is supported by several organisations including the Curry Fund of the Geologists’ Association, Geckoella Ltd and Exmoor National Park Authority.

To apply send a 2-page CV, before 2nd June 2017, to Paula Hewitson at  Please indicate whether or not you hold a driving licence. For further details phone 01823 652446.   

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