Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Blockley Quarry - 17th October

Did you know that from 1st November Blockley Quarry will be closed to the public?
A final trip has been organised by a member of Wiltshire Geology Group for Sunday 17th October. However, numbers are limited. If you want to go, send an email and make sure you put 'Blockley Quarry' in the subject line.
The quarry is near Moreton in the Marsh, and the cost for the day is £4. Anyone who doesn’t find a rucksack full of fossils should get new glasses!!
Visitors will need hard hats, hi viz vests and strong boots; it could be extremely muddy, so wellies might be a good idea ... and a tarpaulin to put over the car seats and in the boot.
You will definitely find fossils, and almost certainly they will be muddy - so newspaper and/or polybags might be useful. A spade is probably more use than a hammer and chisel.


Quartz said...

Quick report on the day: Sadley we didn't have a full compliment of 10 people, but those who did attend came out groaning under the weight of fossils.
Obviously it was enjoyed from the 'thank you ' e-mails I have recieved.
As usual there were new exposures where fresh digging was taking place, which was always a feature of this wonderful site.
Maybe - one day - H&S may relent or get swept aside as a quango and we shall be able to return, but meanwhile I think all of us bid a fond farewell.
John Willmouth

Unknown said...

Have known this quarry as a source of good fossils for over 18 years! I guess some idiot in HSE decided that the fossils contained within are no longer to be available for collection by enthusiasts. SHAME ON THEM! Blockley Brick Co., provided us all with a rich formation and would even leave them lying around for us to collect at weekends. Where is the harm in that? or did some selfish B**st**d decide to take out a law suit because they were to stupid to avoid the mud? Blockley is to important to restrict access!