Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Cancellation of Mendip Volcanoes course

On 11th October a post was published regarding two 1 day courses being offered by Dr. Nicholas Chidlaw this autumn: 'Mendip Volcanoes' (Saturday 30th October) and 'Study the
New Red Desert' (Saturday 20th November).
Unfortunately, the quarry management in the large working quarry we would visit during the morning of the 'Mendip Volcanoes' course is not able to provide supervision of our party that day, and so the trip is being cancelled.
This course has been well-attended when it has been run in the past, and there has been interest show again in the last month or so; I will look into running it again next year (perhaps in the spring).
Some people have sent their tuition fee to-date, and these will be returned shortly.
Thank you for your interest in this Mendips course.

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