Monday 26 November 2007

Geology and Landscape of Taunton Deane

This book 'The Geology and Landscape of Taunton Deane' would make an ideal Christmas present for anyone interested in south west Somerset. It is a geological exploration written by the expert of the area, Hugh Prudden. Hugh says the book is intended as an introduction to the geological features of the Taunton area and especially as a guide to places worth visiting. It is written for both local people and visitors. It has 9 chapters on 'Topics' such as 'Building Stones', 'Soils and Farming', 'Radon' and 24 chapters on 'Exploring the Taunton area'. These are extremely comprehensive and range from 'A view of the countryside in 1794', 'Taunton Rock Trail' to 'Hestercombe Gardens', 'Milverton', 'Wellington and the Blackdowns' and many more.

The book is published by Taunton Deane Borough Council and costs £8.95. It can be obtained from local bookshops or ordered from Geo Supplies Ltd. 49 Station Road, Chapeltown, Sheffield, S35 2XE or email.

Thursday 15 November 2007

Bath before the Romans

When people think of Bath they think of the Roman Baths and the Georgian houses. However, Bath had a varied and exciting history long before the Romans got here.

One of the members of the Bath Geological Society took a nine days tour back in time and a one day trip into the future. Click here to view the postcards sent back to the Society by our intrepid explorer G.O. Logist.

This site was produced by members of Bath Geological Society to show the conditions that would have been found in Bath in the last 340 million years. Over this time Bath has moved from a position near the equator to its present position at latitude 51 degrees 22 minutes north.

Thursday 8 November 2007

R.H. Worth Prize for Hugh Prudden

We are delighted that Hugh Prudden, Somerset Geology Group, has been awarded the R.H. Worth Prize by The Geological Society of London. This prize rewards those who make distinguished contributions to geology as amateurs and whose work encourages amateur geological research.
The report written by The Geological Society states "If this were Japan, someone would have made Hugh Prudden a national living treasure. Hugh, who already holds the Halstead Award of the Geologists' Association, is a tireless campaigner for the recognition of geology in local studies and is widely respected for his encyclopaedic knowledge of the geology and geomorphology of his home county of Somerset. He is an enthusiastic campaigner, founder member and chief organiser, of countless organisations, including the Somerset Geology Group, and is closely involved with the GA, the Open University, the Devonshire Association and the Ussher Society.
Moreover, Hugh has carried out what we might call, borrowing terms from the archaeologists, 'emergency' or rescue' geology in temporary exposures of Mesozoic rocks in Somerset and adjacent areas - including delightful locations like road works and gas and water pipeline trenches."
Well done Hugh!