Thursday, 8 November 2007

R.H. Worth Prize for Hugh Prudden

We are delighted that Hugh Prudden, Somerset Geology Group, has been awarded the R.H. Worth Prize by The Geological Society of London. This prize rewards those who make distinguished contributions to geology as amateurs and whose work encourages amateur geological research.
The report written by The Geological Society states "If this were Japan, someone would have made Hugh Prudden a national living treasure. Hugh, who already holds the Halstead Award of the Geologists' Association, is a tireless campaigner for the recognition of geology in local studies and is widely respected for his encyclopaedic knowledge of the geology and geomorphology of his home county of Somerset. He is an enthusiastic campaigner, founder member and chief organiser, of countless organisations, including the Somerset Geology Group, and is closely involved with the GA, the Open University, the Devonshire Association and the Ussher Society.
Moreover, Hugh has carried out what we might call, borrowing terms from the archaeologists, 'emergency' or rescue' geology in temporary exposures of Mesozoic rocks in Somerset and adjacent areas - including delightful locations like road works and gas and water pipeline trenches."
Well done Hugh!

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