Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Note the date: November 6th - Climate change in permafrost regions

Professor Charles Harris, Emeritus Professor of Geology at Cardiff University, will be giving this talk for the Bath Geological Society on Thursday November 6th at 7.15 p.m. at BRLSI, 16 Queen Square, Bath.
'The impact of climate change on slope stability in permafrost regions'

Permafrost is continuously frozen ground, and is widespread in the high arctic, becoming thinner and discontinuous further south. It may also underlie the higher peaks in mountain regions. Thawing of frozen ice-rich soils leads to thaw settlement and major loss of strength, often leading to landslides. On steep bedrock slopes, ice-bonded joints may increase rock mass strength, so that warming and thaw increases the risk of rock falls and rockslides. Thus, permafrost regions are particularly sensitive to climate change, and engineering works must incorporate measures to accommodate this. Evidence for recent warming in permafrost regions will first be presented, and its significance with regard to future trends discussed. Examples of the impact of permafrost degradation on steep bedrock mountain slopes will then be presented, with evidence drawn largely from the Alps. Finally, the response of soil-covered permafrost slopes to climate warming will be considered through field studies in Canada, Svalbard and Norway, and through laboratory modelling experiments.
Everyone is welcome - members are free, £4 for visitors. Do come along and join our very active Society. Details of some of next year's exciting events can be viewed on our website.

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Free event - British Geological Survey

The British Geological Survey is running its fourth free annual event for the public, at Keyworth, Nottinghamshire, in support of the National Archives Awareness Campaign, on Saturday, 29th November 2008, and is providing tours of its Records Centre, Materials Collections, Library, Enquiry services, and 3D Visualisation Suite. The Dando drilling rig will also be demonstrated.
The national theme is 'Community Participation' and the tours will follow a geological time line highlighting the conditions on the Earth through various times and the geology we see today. We have selected local industries in the Midlands that have exploited this resource e.g. road stone, gypsum, coal, ironstone, etc. and will demonstrate how these uses have developed and changed over time. We will highlight the records and archives we hold , show how they are of increasing value today, particularly in respect to the geohazards and past exploitation and how we supply information of value to communities today, through the services we provide.
Booking is via our website and it is aimed to appeal to all the family.
There are also free BGS tours on Professionals Day - Friday November 28th - booking is required.

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Canada - September 2009

WEGA is organising a trip to Canada in 2009. Here are some initial details:-
Dates :- Tues. 8 September - o/n Wed./Thurs. 16/17 September 09
Airline :- Air Canada (London (LHR) - Halifax) Cost c.£500 pp. return (Group rate)
Field Trip :-
- 4 nights in Nova Scotia (Wolfville and Parrsboro) on the Bay of Fundy
- 1 night in New Brunswick (Mirimichi) en route to SE Quebec
- 3 nights in Gaspe, Quebec (Carleton and Gaspe town) Appalachian geology
- Last night o/n Halifax to LHR. Plane leaves at 11.30 pm
Motels :- Average $120 per room per night (based on 2 sharing) = $960 (£480) or £240 pp.
Car rentals + Petrol :- Based on 4/5 cars (4 sharing per car) = $360 or £180 pp.
So - totalling Air Tick./Motels/ Cars = £920 pp. (don't forget this is a rough cost and does not include food on the trip [allow Can.$ 30 -40] per day or the huge volume of books people will buy!!!). We visit two amazing World Heritage Centres (there are only 7 geo - heritage sites in the world!) and Joggins and Miguasha. Guide books have already been prepared.
Obviously if people want to combine this field trip with a holiday in North America that's fine except to note that the Trip will start at 4.00 pm at Halifax Airport on Tues. 8 Sept. and finish at Halifax Airport at 7.00 pm. on Wed. 16 Sept. 09.
If you are interested please contact WEGA.

Monday, 6 October 2008

Oxford University Natural History Museum

Don't forget - - behind the scenes visit - - next Sunday 12th October - click here to see the details of this event.