Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Canada - September 2009

WEGA is organising a trip to Canada in 2009. Here are some initial details:-
Dates :- Tues. 8 September - o/n Wed./Thurs. 16/17 September 09
Airline :- Air Canada (London (LHR) - Halifax) Cost c.£500 pp. return (Group rate)
Field Trip :-
- 4 nights in Nova Scotia (Wolfville and Parrsboro) on the Bay of Fundy
- 1 night in New Brunswick (Mirimichi) en route to SE Quebec
- 3 nights in Gaspe, Quebec (Carleton and Gaspe town) Appalachian geology
- Last night o/n Halifax to LHR. Plane leaves at 11.30 pm
Motels :- Average $120 per room per night (based on 2 sharing) = $960 (£480) or £240 pp.
Car rentals + Petrol :- Based on 4/5 cars (4 sharing per car) = $360 or £180 pp.
So - totalling Air Tick./Motels/ Cars = £920 pp. (don't forget this is a rough cost and does not include food on the trip [allow Can.$ 30 -40] per day or the huge volume of books people will buy!!!). We visit two amazing World Heritage Centres (there are only 7 geo - heritage sites in the world!) and Joggins and Miguasha. Guide books have already been prepared.
Obviously if people want to combine this field trip with a holiday in North America that's fine except to note that the Trip will start at 4.00 pm at Halifax Airport on Tues. 8 Sept. and finish at Halifax Airport at 7.00 pm. on Wed. 16 Sept. 09.
If you are interested please contact WEGA.

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