Sunday, 2 December 2007

Outcrop - Newsletter of Avon RIGS Group

Have you seen the latest edition of Outcrop? Its the newsletter of the Avon RIGS group and is full of information. The autumn issue has excellent articles on the Gordano Valley, a palaeoenvironmental archive, and news of the fantastic new dinosaurs coming to Bristol. Three Scelidosaur skeletons are soon to be displayed at the City Museum.

Talking of museums - - Outcrop has a list of museums with geology displays in the former County of Avon. These have been added to the right-hand side of the blog. Please let me have a list, via 'comments' of all the others in our area and I will add them.

To receive your FREE copy of Outcrop, please contact the Bristol Regional Environmental Records Centre (BRERC) - email.

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Mag said...

Thanks , just requested my free copy of outcrop