Thursday, 10 January 2008

News from the Wiltshire Geology Group

The Wiltshire Geology Group's Bradford-on-Avon project is finally coming together: the information board will be put up at the old Docks Clay Pit next week. A new exposure has been excavated, where people can hunt for the famous fossils of the Bradford Clay. This clay, inundated and buried the underwater limestone pavement on which a variety of sea creatures lived, including sea lilies.

There will be an opening event around Easter - We will need a site clean-up morning prior to that, so will need enthusiastic volunteers in early March - you will find dozens of fossils. The Easter event will include a guided walk - a launch event for the (by then) newly-published geology and landscape trail in and around the town, then along the river to Avoncliff.

The other news is that we are producing a Vale of Pewsey trail too. We hope to finish it in time for an event in Pewsey on March the 8th (AONB Geodiversity Forum) - more news of that when we have it!!

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