Thursday, 28 August 2008

Fancy a trip to Edinburgh?

Fancy a trip to Edinburgh? Stuart Monro, WEGA's Horstmann Lecturer of 2007, and Scientific Director of Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh, has agreed to show us the Geological Sights.
At the moment the programme is -
1. Meet at Dynamic Earth on the morning of Saturday 25th October for a tour of the Dynamic Earth galleries under the guidance of Stuart.
2. After lunch, a geological excursion round Arthur's Seat. This is an ancient volcano which abuts Dynamic Earth. This will be led by Stuart and will include the section where Hutton proved the intrusive nature of igneous rocks.
3. On Sunday morning, 26th October, an excursion to a nearby locality - maybe North Berwick or Dunbar and, hopefully, by public transport.
The best bet for transport seems to be Easyjet. You can get to Edinburgh and back again for £88 (including most of the "extras"). National Express coaches take about 12 hours and cost about £70. The train takes the strain for £131.
There is a wide variety of accommodation in Edinburgh, varying from the cheap and cheerful to the luxurious. Google Edinburgh Accommodation and make your choice. Remember that there are more than geological reasons for visiting the Scottish Capital. Your partner may want to visit the galleries or the shops or take in a concert or theatre on the Saturday evening. It is not necessary to attend all that I have arranged with Stuart.
Contact WEGA if you are interested
; (go to 'About us' at the top of the WEGA home page for email addresses).

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Anonymous said...

Once again, I am struck by the very up to date and relevant information about Geological matters, which is displayed on this blog. Very many thanks for arranging it.
Best regards, Roger