Thursday, 1 October 2009

Charles Copp

Sad news to report - Charles Copp passed away at home on Thursday 24th September. His long battle with a brain tumour is finally over and he can rest in peace. His funeral will be on 8th Oct in Clevedon.
I'm sure many local geologists knew Charles and appreciated not only his expertise but also his enthusiasm for the subject. He did much work on the BRLSI fossil collection but his main research was on the Mesozoic fissure fills in the East Mendips.
Click here for details of the funeral.


maurice said...

Was he the son of Douglas Copp who retired to the cliffs above Clevedon overlooking the Severn in the Sixties? Douglas had been chief engineer of the Westminster Gas Light & Coke Co (later B Gas)

Maurice Avent

Andrew said...

Not so far I know. Charles moved to Clevedon in the 70s when he joined the Natural History section of Bristol City Museum, and I think that he and Judy moved there from Keele where he did his PhD research.

Hugh said...

Charlie worked very hard for a PhD researching the fissures in the East Mendips as a research student of Hugh Torrens. Later he went into geological/biological software.