Wednesday, 13 January 2010

UK and snow

This wonderful image was sent by a reader. It is courtesy of NEODAAS/University of Dundee.
If you click here you can download a bigger, zoomable version.


Richard said...

I downloaded a hi-res version of the lovely snow-bound UK satpic. Its very good for geology because the uniform white-out brings escarpments
and fault-lines to the fore. Wenlock Edge's two parallel escarpments, a fault in the Harleck Dome, and the Bwlch-y Groes feature in Central Wales can be seen clearly.

Bruce said...

If you look at the zoomable version, the geology of North Devon shows up nicely and the woodland along the greensand scarp wandering from Stourhead to (almost) Frome. Sadly, my favourite part of Scotland is under cloud.

Richard said...

Well done someone (probably Elizabeth) for enabling a comments section.

For studying satellite pics, I hope all know that near-worldwide Landsat-5 and -7 coverage can be viewed or downloaded from:-

Definition is 14 metres/pixel for L7, 28 for L-5