Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Bath Geological Society - 4th February

On Thursday 4th February, Bath Geological Society is holding its AGM at 7.00p.m. This will be followed at 7.30 by a talk from Dr Clive Trueman, School of Ocean and Earth Science, University of Southampton.
'Geochemical Landscapes, Ecology and Forensics'
Douglas Adams’s holistic detective Dirk Gently explored the ‘fundamental interconnectedness of things’. This is a great description of modern Earth Sciences, which attempts to understand interactions between complex systems. In this talk Dr Trueman will illustrate some of these connections in a personal way, by describing his scientific journey from geology through palaeontology, archaeology, marine ecology and medical research - all through the eyes of an Earth Scientist. Eventually he hopes to convince his audience that geology and Earth Science is about a lot more than rocks, and in fact is an ideal preparation for understanding the main scientific dilemmas of our age.
Everyone is welcome - members free, visitors £4.00 - refreshments included.

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