Friday, 12 November 2010

19th November - The Geology of the Moon

Speaker: Peter Cadogan
Peter Cadogan, spent five years as a postgraduate student trying to date the moon rocks brought back by the Apollo crews. (Presumably that means we have to add 5 years to the figures he came up with.) On the face of it, the geology of a completely dead, arid, grey lump of rock might appear less than engaging. But far from it ! The variety of rock samples and the story that is contained within their make-up and structure is a fascinating and dynamic one. It provides some insight into the origins of the moon, its violent past and relationship to the earth. And yet as fast as one mystery is solved, more as-yet unanswered questions emerge. Certainly the geology of the moon as a topic is very much alive.
This is a Bristol Astronomical Society Meeting. It is held in the Lower School Hall of Bristol Grammar School, off the top of University Road. The Lower School Hall is in the building on your Right as you enter the car park (free parking). If you wish, you can enter via Elton Road, in which case the LSH on on your Left. The room is upstairs and is entered by following signs to 'Toilets'! but take the first door on your Right and go up the stairs. Please be early as the door is entry-controlled and we cannot reveal the code. Any BAS member will let you in. Entry is free for first-time visitors - others are expected to pay £2. The meeting will begin at 7:15 sharp.
Details provided by Bristol Naturalists' Society from which further details can be obtained.

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