Sunday, 26 June 2011

Linear Geological Walk: Dartmoor to Bolt Tail

Linear Geological Walk: Dartmoor to Bolt Tail to be led by Dr. Nicholas Chidlaw
- This is a privately-arranged trip and does not involve any other organizations (e.g. a University) – no question paper at the end!!
- Dates: Sunday 11th – Tuesday 13th September inclusive. Three-day format.
- Reason for these specific dates: on the 2nd day, we cross the River Erme at low tide c. 1 pm using the established ‘South West Coastal Path’.  On the 3rd day we cross the River Avon by small passenger ferry (available only until end of September). Saturday 10th September can be used as a travel day to get to the start point of the walk, but those in work will need to take holidays Monday 12th, Tuesday 13th (and possibly Wednesday 14th if home area is some distance from the field area).
- Reason for ‘linear walk’ format: very effective way of studying landforms and underlying geology in areas where there is plenty of change in these aspects; a fuller understanding of the landforms and geology can be gained by walking a route essentially at right- angles to the grain of the ‘country’ rock and examining exposures en route. This is a format that has been tried out with adult ed. students at Bristol University, is popular and has worked well. Idea is that you carry your overnight belongings etc in a rucksack – contents would be lightweight and kept to a minimum. Water bottles can be replenished each night. Pubs / caf├ęs are included for short breaks during each day.
- The proposed walk crosses the ‘grain’ of part of the Variscan Orogenic Belt in South Devon: beginning near the S end of Dartmoor, and working south to the coast at Bigbury Bay, then along the coast to Bolt Tail west of Salcombe.
- Geology covered: Hemerdon Ball Granite (offshoot of Dartmoor Granite), metamorphic aureole / metallic mineralization around margin of the latter; deformed basinal metasediments (mainly turbidite sandstones and slates) and interbedded mafic bodies; major strike-slip fault of the Start-Perranporth Line; mica schists and hornblende schists of the Start Complex (possibly lateral equivalent of part of the Lizard Complex).
- Logistics: 3 day walk. Approx total distance walked 15 – 20 miles; many stops en route to examine geology / landforms. Vehicles would be left at a secure location (arrangement made in advance) near the beginning of the walk. Coach / minibus and driver arranged in advance to pick up field party at a stated location and return to the secure parking location. B&B accommodation to be arranged in advance: in / near Yealmpton (end of 1st day); in /near Ringmore / Bigbury village (end of 2nd day).
- Tuition fee: £69.00 per person.  Cost of hired coach / minibus and driver would be divided between attendees and paid in advance. There is a small charge for the Avon passenger ferry which is paid on the day of the crossing.
- Attendees would be insured against accident for the duration of the trip.
If you find the proposal of interest and are able to attend, please let me know, sending in your tuition fee by Sunday 24th July. In order for the trip to be viable and to work effectively, enrolled numbers will need to be a minimum of 10, and a maximum of 20.
I will contact those who have enrolled shortly after Sunday 24th July, to inform them whether the trip can be put on or not; if the former, arrangements will need to be made soon after for overnight accommodation, and transport (see below); if the latter, cheques will be returned to those who have sent them in shortly afterwards.
Contact: Dr. Nicholas Chidlaw.

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