Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Some interesting websites

Ask a Geologist
Ever wondered why so many of the southern continents point south?  Dug up something odd in the garden? Ever thought that acid rain might be speeding up erosion? What is the oldest thing in the world? Can a crystal cure your bunion?
If questions like this keep buzzing around in your head, "Ask a Geologist" could be just the service for you.

Virtual microscopes at the Open University - there are many thin sections available to view shown in PPL (plane polarised light) and XPL (crossed polars). The image above shows a garnet mica schist in XPL.

Earth Day Pictures - 20 stunning shots of Earth from space. The image shows Lake Natron in Tanzania, reputed to be the world's most caustic body of water, and yet the tilapia fish manage to survive.

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