Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Fossils from Wootton Bassett

Richard has sent these photos of fossils found at Brynards hill, Wootton Bassett, recently.  He says that the fauna is all from the Bailei Zone, Inconstans Bed and Cementstone Bed, basal Kimmeridgian stage.
- Pictonia sp ammonite shown before and after separation from host rock,
- two Bathrotomaria,
- two Torquirhynchia inconstans.
He also found a 22-Kg Nautiloid, the same size and weight as one he found about 20 years ago nearby.
The fossils were dug up during drainage works. Unfortunately the digger driver backfilled it all two days later, and then rolled it all firmly beneath a skin of clay.

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