Sunday, 26 August 2012

Diary dates for September

6th September - Microbialites (stromatolites), tufa and reservoirs
Professor Maurice Tucker, University of Durham
Microbes have a lot to answer for - in geological terms they produce some spectacular rocks and their deposits are also very important hydrocarbon reservoirs, (recent huge discoveries offshore Brazil). Stromatolites provide evidence of the earliest life on Earth. Tufa, common in the Bath/Cotswolds area, is also produced by microbes (some say!). So should make for an exciting talk.....
Further details: Bath Geological Society

8th September - Geology and Mining in the High Littleton - Camerton area
Dr. David Workman, Bath Geological Society
Meet at 10.30 a.m. at the Church in High Littleton ST646580 (easy on-road parking around - not on the A39!) There is a convenient pub, The Hunter's Rest or we can picnic at the Nature Reserve at Camerton mine.
Further details: Bath Geological Society

15th September - Portishead coast and Clapton in Gordano area
Andrew Mathieson, Avon RIGS
The morning will be a walk along the Portishead coast, where we will examine a superb sequence of Devonian rocks, with a variety of sedimentary structures. These are overlain by Triassic deposits on well exposed unconformities and are also tightly folded with fossiliferous Carboniferous limestones.
After lunch in Clapton-in-Gordano we will follow a circular walk to explore the puzzling arrangement of the local Carboniferous rocks, and try to work out the structure and succession of the Clapton coal field. This is a complete contrast to the morning, with only limited exposures and seldom visited by geologists.
Western Region GS
Contact Frankie Ryan for details and to book before 7th September
Non members are welcome.

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