Friday, 7 September 2012

Isle of Purbeck - 28th - 30th September

Isle of Purbeck
Leader: Prof John C.W. Cope (National Museum of Wales)
Stay in Wareham or surrounding villages
Meet Sat 10am at viewpoint at SY905816
Need hard hat but not hi vis
Packed/pub lunch both days 

This meeting is arranged to coincide with the publication of Prof Cope’s revised GA Dorset guide. It will begin with an introductory talk, probably in Wareham Public Library, on the Friday evening. Saturday and Sunday will be spent in the field examining the succession in the Isle of Purbeck, which ranges in age from the Upper Jurassic, through the Cretaceous and into the Palaeocene;  many of the rocks are fossiliferous.  The principal structure of the area is a major monoclinal fold which has caused local overturning of the succession. The area is also famous for magnificent coastal scenery and its evolution, whilst economically Purbeck is important as the site of the largest onshore oilfield in western Europe. The new guide should be available before the trip.
Please note that the trip will be quite strenuous physically. There are steep climbs from sea-level to some 130 m (425 ft), together with steep descents that are likely to be muddy.  Beaches are often rough and traverses will involve boulder-hopping, seaweed covered rocks and soft shingle.  Boots with good ankle support are strongly recommended. Good waterproof clothing may well be needed as the coast is exposed to Atlantic weather. We hope to be in the vicinity of at least one hostelry each day for lunch.
Contact the GA for further information.

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