Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Oxford Colloquium - March 16th

The Oxford Colloquium is an amazing one-day event based at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History.  The Oxford Colloquium gives you the opportunity to attend six lectures given by eminent speakers from distinguished UK academic and research institutions. The topics are drawn from across the Earth Sciences. This year, despite the Museum being closed to the general public, the Oxford Colloquium will be held on Saturday March 16.  Our line-up of speakers this year is truly stellar:
Professor John Tellam (University of Birmingham) 'Nano particles in sandstone groundwaters'
Professor Simon Conway Morris (University of Cambridge)  'The Cambrian explosion & re-running the tape of life: what really happens?'
Professor Peter Burgess (Royal Holloway, University of London)   'Numbers, models and layered rocks'
Professor Martin Siegert (University of Bristol)   'Exploration of sub-glacial Lake Ellsworth, West Antarctica'
Dr. Dave Waters (University of Oxford)  'Building Mount Everest: the inside story'
Dr. Richard Walker (University of Oxford)  Earthquakes on an urban world: challenges for the 21st Century.'
In addition Professor Paul Smith (Oxford) and Professor Derek Siveter (Oxford) will be demonstrating  specimens from the Sirius Passet and Chengjiang Cambrian Lagerst√§tten and Dr Monica Price will be showing off the Wager Collection in all its glory.
You can learn more about the Oxford Colloquium by visiting our website.
You can purchase tickets at £15 each in person from the Oxford University Museum of Natural History shop, the offices of the Geologists' Association, Burlington House, Piccadilly and at one of the monthly lecture meetings of the Oxford Geology Group. Alternatively you can email Alison Saunders and purchase your tickets by post.

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