Thursday, 14 February 2013

A poem for Valentine's Day

Valentine, By a Palaeontologist
by Edward Forbes

Borne upon Pterodactyle's wing,
This heart, which once you deemed of stone,
Model of maids, to thee I bring,
And offer it to thee alone!
Not Owen, pondering o'er bone
Of great Dinornis, fonder grew
Of mighty wingless birds unknown,
Then I, sweet maid, of you.

The Glyptodon, which Darwin found
Beside the South Atlantic main,
Was in no harder armour bound
Than that my spirit did enchain;
Till, bade by thee, Love rent in twain
The fetters which my fancy tied
To boulder, glacier, and moraine,
And bore me to thy side!

Like some fantastic Trilobite
That perished in the Silurian sea,And long lay hid from mortal sight,
So was the heart I yield to thee.
Now from its stony matrix free,
Thy palaeontologic skill
Once more hath call'd it forth to be
The servant of thy will.

Full details on The Geological Society's blog

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