Wednesday, 19 March 2014

28th March - Somerset Quarries

Simon Carpenter  an expert in this area, has arranged special access to this quarry on Friday 28th March - please note the date – the meeting has been scheduled for Friday to resolve the access problems that led to its postponement last year.
A day exploring the Upper Triassic and Lower Jurassic rocks of the Somerton and Langport area, Somerset.
A number of working quarries in the Somerton and Langport areas of Somerset will be visited where rocks of predominantly Upper Triassic age are exposed. At Ashen Cross quarry these rocks are carefully extracted, cut and polished for ornamental purposes. The limestone contains a restricted invertebrate assemblage as well as occasional isolated marine reptile bones. There are also many interesting sedimentary features.
Lots of opportunities to collect and see some interesting geology.
Pub lunch or sandwiches.
You can sign up on the GA website  or phone the office on 020 7434 9298.

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