Tuesday, 6 January 2015

20th January - Radioactive waste disposal

GS Western Regional Group invites you to:-  
The Current Status of Geological Screening for Disposal of Radioactive Waste
Bruce Yardley / Andrew Parkes, RWM
20 January 6:30pm
The permanent, safe disposal of higher activity radioactive waste is one of the great challenges facing Earth Scientists
The internationally agreed solution is deep geological disposal.
The Government has recently published a revised approach to addressing the issue in this country, in which the geoscientific community have a key role to play. Radioactive Waste Management Limited (RWM) is the Government-appointed developer of a geological disposal facility.
RWM’s Chief Geologist Bruce Yardley and Head of Site Characterisation Andrew Parkes will explain the new two-year national geological screening exercise, and seek Members’ inputs into the screening exercise. RWM are keen to ensure the expertise and insights of geologists, engineers, and of academics and scientists of different disciplines help shape and inform the national screening exercise and its implementation. Please feel free to bring along colleagues, ask questions and make your contribution to the debate.
Venue: Atkins, The Hub (Ground Floor), 500 Park Avenue, Aztec West, Almondsbury, Bristol, BS32 4RZ. Everyone welcome.

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