Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Street Meeting

Somerset Geology Group Meeting

I have been asked to publicise a meeting of the Somerset Geology Group to which anyone with an interest in Somerset geology is welcome. 
This is the sort of thing that this blog was started for! If you have a meeting which needs publicity - let me know!

Details follow:-

Meeting: 10.15am- 1pm (coffee from 9.45am)
Tuesday 23 May 2017, the meeting room,
Alfred Gillett Trust, The Grange, Farm Road,
Street, Somerset 

As per our last Update we will be holding a meeting of our Somerset Geology Group (SGG) network on the morning of Tues 23 May 2017. It will be a chance to: meet each other (including Lesley Dunlop, chair of GeoConservationUK, who we are delighted to say will be joining us); learn more about our partnership project with Somerset Environmental Record Centre (SERC) to review Somerset’s Local Geological Sites; discuss opportunities for voluntary involvement on that project; and to discuss the future organisation of SGG. We will end the meeting with a special tour of the fossil collection held by the Alfred  Gillett Trust (led by SGG member and AG Trust volunteer, David Hill); and we will be able to chat over a picnic lunch for those that will.  

Please email Garry Dawson at  Somersetgeology@gmail.com   if you plan to come so that we have an idea of numbers. See attached for location & car parking (in the adjacent Clarks Village car park). 

The meeting room is on the first floor which is only accessible via stairs, so our apologies that it is not fully accessible: let Garry know if you need any further detail re accessibility and/or to arrange a parking space close to the building for you, as there is very limited space there.

Agenda - Coffee from 9.45am; meeting starting at 10.15am.
  • ·         Welcome and introductions
  • ·         Presentation: progress in developing our project to review Somerset’s Local Geological Sites
  • ·         Discussion on the project , including the potential  for voluntary input from SGG members;
  • ·         The national context from Lesley Dunlop, Chair of GeoConservationUK;
  • ·         Future organisation of SGG  – including summary of SGG activity over the last year; proposed structure for the future;  potential volunteer tasks to assist organisation; and next meeting  (potentially in October as part of Mendip Rocks Festival)

12 – 1pm:  A special guided tour of the fossil collection held by the Alfred Gillett Trust

This includes many fine specimens of Ichthyosaurs, recovered from quarries around Street. The collection was amassed by Alfred Gillet (1814-1904), a retired local ironmonger, and was displayed in the Crispin Hall, Street, until around 1948. For further information see:  https://alfredgilletttrust.wordpress.com/collections/geological-collection

1- 2 pm:  Picnic lunch   

We will be able to chat informally over picnic lunch, either in the meeting room or there is a small garden/orchard area outside if the weather is fine. You are welcome to bring a picnic (or there are food outlets nearby).

Looking forward to meeting you! Wendy Lutley, Coordinator  

Working in partnership with Somerset Environmental Record Centre (SERC); for more information visit www.somerc.com/somerset+geology+group/; a member of GeoConservationUK, the Association of UK groups, whose mission is to: encourage the appreciation, conservation and promotion of local/regional geological sites for education and public benefit’. Our thanks to the Alfred Gillett Trust for hosting this meeting for us.

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