Saturday, 19 August 2017

Women and others and fossils

Does Palaeontology have an Image Problem?

Studying at Aberdeen where (and when) we didn't really do fossils, palaeontology's image, if it ever occurred to me, was mixed up with sediments and other aspects of gardening! Igneous and metamorphic petrology was where geology should be. 

But wider experience has had its affect and one now accepts that fossils and sediments are valid areas of study. So this article in the Guardian is a further step in my education. 

I suspect that your opinion will mirror that of the comments which follow the article - its extremely important or its something about nothing. It may have been important once but it will be sort itself out soon or something must be done.

Thankfully I don't need to do anything - I will continue to talk to all sorts of geologists

The stereotype of the fossil prospecting man in the desert is hard to shake. Photograph: Dave Reede/Getty Images/First Light

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