Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Healing crystals

Tempted to get "Healing Crystals"? - Read This

I got my geology degree from Aberdeen when Professor T. C. Phemister was in charge and therefore I had four years of mineralogy and crystallography. 

I don't think the health giving properties of crystals were mentioned once. 

We were told to keep the asbestos in its glass box and not to lick our fingers when we were looking at arsenic. Not a great deal more on the health front.

But now you are probably aware that many crystalline substances are sold for their healing properties. HOW they heal is never mentioned.

I you are tempted to buy, read this article first. It discusses the ecological damage their mining causes and also the exploitation of miners and child miners. This does not appear on the sales pitch. 

There are many good reasons to look at crystals. I don't think health is high on the list.

A miner holding an amethyst crystal in Ametista do Sul, Brazil. Photo by Caio Guatelli.

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