Monday, 20 April 2020

Dinosaurs on Selsey Common!

Dinosaurs on Selsey Common!

Another correspondent has brought this interesting sight near Stroud to my attention. The pictures speak for themselves.

This post has created some controversy. Yet another correspondent writes:-
I love getting the updates and I like seeing art and science promoted but I have to say I am incensed by the latest offering 

Placing stones on grass seems set to become a craze and publicising it without a severe rebuke is unacceptable and can only fuel this act of utter thoughtless vandalism and conservation evil.

Environmental gems such as fescue and bent grasslands have taken millennia to establish and one thoughtless  (mindless) act will destroy the delicate grasses forever - eliminating the wild flowers which many butterflies depend upon as well as other less obvious problems. Tourists will exacerbate the problem as their footprints compact the soil making it impossible for these delicate grasses to survive. Not to mention the animals and plants living on or under the stones which will also lose their homes or die. 

I have seen stones placed onto heathland and downland before but never on this scale.  Please please let try to nip this illegal and damaging stupidity asap.

At the very least make it clear anyone making such art has a duty to restore nature, after a few minutes  - ensuring the stones are replaced EXACTLY where they were found and right way up Like the sand beach artists washed by the tide

I am sorry I am not a kill joy but the stupidity of our species knows no bounds. 
I have received a reply from the original correspondent.
I’m always amazed at the comments made by the narrower minded ‘conservationists’ who are only concerned with their own interest and point of view.   Totally ignoring the impact that all animals make on the planet - including homo sapiens!    Their comments give much cause for amusement though so they are not all bad...

Bearing in mind that this is in an old (human made) quarry where the locals for generations have created pictures and written their names in stone I can’t see the problem.     Especially as the quarry is surrounded by plenty of ‘natural’ grassland.

Keep up your good work of informing us all of events.
This blog is not the place for continuing this controversy, so it is now closed.

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