Sunday, 17 January 2021

Where will your Electric Car really come from?

Where will your Electric Car really come from? 

A correspondent has brought this Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution lecture to my notice. It sounds rather interesting.

Where will your Electric Car really come from?

A study of the future availability of metals vital to emerging technologies

An on-line lecture by Professor Frances Wall of the Camborne School of Mines


Many countries including the UK have ambitious targets for a change from petrol and diesel vehicles to electric cars. The race is on, not only to get us to drive electric vehicles but to manufacture the cars and batteries. Other technologies such as wind turbines and a growing range of electronic devices are also needed for the sustainable society.  What is often forgotten is that the raw materials need to come from somewhere. New electric vehicles, and our other digital and clean technologies, need new metals. Not only do we need to find and mine enough of the technology metals like lithium, cobalt and rare earths, we need to make sure their production is contributing to sustainable development, not detracting from it.   

Professor Frances Wall is Professor of Applied Mineralogy, Camborne School of Mines, University of Exeter. She specialises in technology raw materials, especially rare earth elements, with interests in geology, processing, responsible sourcing and the circular economy. Frances has been leading two international consortium research projects on critical metals supply and now also leads a UK interdisciplinary Centre promoting the circular economy of technology metals. Frances was named one of the 100 Global Inspirational Women in Mining 2016 and awarded the William Smith medal of the Geological Society of London for applied and economic aspects of geology in 2019.


This on-line event takes place: 1st February 2021  7.30pm GMT

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