Tuesday, 16 March 2021



For every 0.1°C rise in temperature, the number of sinkholes increases by 1%-3%. That is the statistic which intrigued me when I read THIS ARTICLE.

Sinkholes occur naturally when minerals in the Earth beneath us dissolve in rainwater, forming cavities. The sinkhole appears when rainwater loosens the soils around the cavities enough for the ground to fall in.

But this has been made much more common by human activity. The biggest culprit being, of course, climate change. This often leads to heavier rainfall and the subsequent sinkholes.

The article goes into a lot of detail, especially about a particularly large sinkhole in Naples. Incidentally there is a link (copied HERE) to underground Naples - next time Dave Green goes to Naples he should follow this up!

The author describes current means of strengthening ground which can cause rather than ameliorate danger. And mentions research into more novel means of ground engineering.

 Rescuing a farmer and his quad-bike from a sinkhole in Cumbria. 
Pic: Twitter/@CumbriaFire

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