Thursday, 29 April 2021

Geology for Walkers

 Geology for Walkers

This is a geology book, not a book of walks. If you want a crash course on modern geology and the geology of the UK, this is the book for you. 

HERE is the link to its page on Amazon - other booksellers are available. The book has been self-published by the author and looks very professional - better than many books from "real" publishers. It's ISBN is 9798595445283.

I came across this book when the author, Steve Peacock emailed me to bring it to my attention and, he hopes, to yours. I thought it looked interesting so I have bought it and it is pretty good. 

It gives the basics of time, life, the Earth, rocks and geological structures. Modern concepts which did not appear in my formal geological education are introduced. Plate tectonics is given all the importance it deserves. 

The book is intended for people who like walking and want to know what current geology thinks of the rocks they are walking over.

The latter part of the book consists of describing the geology of Britain starting with the Pre-Cambrian in North West Scotland and ending with footprints at Happisburgh.

I wish the landscape photos had been larger but otherwise the book is something I would have been pleased to write - given the talent and the knowledge!

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