Saturday, 24 July 2021

A "Jurassic Pompeii" - Somewhere in the Cotswolds

A "Jurassic Pompeii" - Somewhere in the Cotswolds 

Many of you must have seen THIS WEB PAGE from the BBC. A correspondent brought it to my attention - Thank You!

At first glance the article looks like a very superficial piece of work, but it isn't. There is a lot of information about the geology, the palaeontology, the sedimentology and the excitement of scientific discovery. Read all the page - it goes on for a long way - look at the photos, play the videos. It is a good example of making geology interesting.

At the moment the location is secret. No doubt, some of you can work out where it is. I look forward to seeing the specimens in the Natural History Museum.

Frozen in time: Fossilised seafloor animals from the Jurassic, all piled on top of each other

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